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The greatest God idea
Jerry Terry
In life you can encounter ideas from which you know that they are only from God. However, His greatest idea was to save us from sin and eternal damnation. Jesus played a central part in this idea by delivering us with His death. By truly recognizing an experiencing Jesus in our lives, His ultimate plan for our world is revealed to us.
Jesus plan idea God save Nicodemus deliverance
The secret to faith that works
LaDonna Osborn
Faith is one of most powerful tools that we were given by the Lord. Of all creation, man was given the gift of believing. However, we need to fully discover how faith works. How can we reach our fullest potential in our walk with God and truly see the opportunities and blessings that He has already given to us? Start walking in the true faith that He has already fulfilled your needs.
God Jesus believing Christianity lifestyle victory healing belief Rahab
You're never too dead for a resurrection!
Daisy Osborn
Situations in your life can sometimes seem too hopeless and too lost for restoration. However, we serve an all-powerful and amazing God that died for us, but also rose up again. We serve a living God that gave us the living word, the Bible! We should start walking and acting in the same spirit of the living Word of God. That will surely set us free and help us with all challenges in our lives.
Jesus resurrection death alive sin life faith miracle
Jesus is resurrection
Jerry Terry
Jesus has risen, so He is resurrection. His resurrection is not an act of the past; He is here and now to reveal Himself through His resurrection. If you encounter problems in your life, in your marriage, in your health or in any other area, run to Christ, who is the personification of the resurrection in your life. He can help your defeated mind and attitude and completely renew it.
Jesus resurrection revelation Easter alive Christian vision growth help
Don't be afraid of a miracle
Jerry Terry
We all need miracles in our lives. However, the step before every miracle is letting go. This is a very daring step. As children of God, we shouldn't be afraid of letting go, because the miracles that God has for our lives are much better than we could ever expect.
Mary Gabriel miracle faith promise fear letting go Christmas Jesus
The power of the blood
Jeremias Souza
The is a spiritual battle going on and every individual is involved with it. In this war there is an enemy that thoroughly hates man and wants to keep you separated from God. It's through sin that we cannot be in the presence of God, but through the blood of the Lamb we are redeemed. More than ever before we need to realize how powerful that blood is and what we can do with it as children of God.
Jesus sickness sin redemption healing breakthrough blood power
Redemption and miracle calling
David Juma
We serve an amazing God of healing and redemption. By the sacrifice at cross we are truly redeemed. However, we can still receive redemption from God in everyday situations that can hold our lives. The Lord wants to give us the best life, so He wants to bless us with His miracles of healing and redemption.
Jesus faith growth healing redemption miracle calling
The baptism in the Holy Spirit
Leonardo da França
If the Holy Spirit is in you, nothing can stop you. How can we operate in the Spirit? Depending on how we operate in the Spirit, Jesus said that we can do even greater things than He did when He was on this earth. There are problems in our society that needs great miracles, and those miracles are able to be accomplished and worked because of Jesus Christ.
baptism holy spirit receive power authority surrender submission carnal fire tongues
All things are possible
John Iseghohi
Jesus said: “Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” This is a dangerous scripture for God’s children. Why? Because if you believe, ALL things are possible! Protocols and limitations can be broken. But this power is only accessible by faith. Faith can not fail.
sickness healing possible limits provision need problems unbelief
Christ's victory
John Iseghohi
In the entire history of mankind many have claimed to have done powerful things. However, there is just one person that fulfilled the most powerful thing, Jesus Christ. When He gave himself at the cross for our sins, the entire heaven, hell and earth trembled; because He took the ultimate victory in His own hands. This is the victory in which we may live today!
Jesus Christ victory price paid walk power might cross faith