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Battles require faith
Jerry Terry
All of our lives are filled with battles that we need to overcome. Some people struggle with physical battles; others with financial, spiritual and there are many more types. Battles can look invincible at first sight, but with God salvation is in reach. Jesus has already defeated the biggest battle. So, we need to start living in the faith that God is with us in all of our battles and that he will bring us into His victory.
battle David Goliath faith Jesus overcome victory
Paid in full
Esther Terry
The good news of the gospel is that He paid it all. He wants us to be full of that message, so we can share it with others. We need to fully live and act in that message that is packed with mercy and forgiveness. Just like the Lord had forgiven us, we should forgive the people around us with His love.
Jesus price paid mercy faith forgiveness lifestyle gospel
Ignite your time
Jerry Terry
Time is a very blessed thing that is given to us. It is very important to reflect on how you spend your time. Living in Gods plan means igniting your time for Him, but many circumstances in life can rob you from that. Time is limited and perishable and also submissive to choices. So, which choices can you make to ignite your time to the fullest for Him?
Time Joshua calling plan God Jesus Word promise
The story of life
John T.L. Maasbach
The book of Acts is still not finished nowadays. This book and its themes are still relevant today and it’s still continuing. Many individuals and families did receive the opportunity to follow the Lord and start living in the calling of God. The Maasbach family is just one of those families that walks in that calling of the Lord. How did it start and what does it take?
Calling God choice conversion ministry Jesus Maasbach biography
Spiritual war games
David Maasbach
In the beginning there was nothing else but God. Before man existed, Lucifer started a war against God. This war in heaven still continues here on earth today and Lucifer still uses the same techniques as before. Who is Lucifer, now known as Satan, and what are his games to lure us away from God’s light and holiness? How can we recognize and don’t fall for it?
War Lucifer heaven God games church society bible Holy Spirit Jesus
Reach and renew, with God's peace
Jerry Terry
Peace is the missing element what the whole world is searching for. It is missing nowadays in many marriages, families and societies, but also churches. Peace means to be 'united with'. There may be a lot of cooperation between humans, but there can be lack of unity. Let's live today with the unity that God gave us, His peace, and reach others with it.
peace unity family God trust reach renew church
How to deal with those who don't know Christ
Jerry Terry
How can you reach others who don’t believe in God with the peace of the Lord? We need to excel in expressing forgiveness; it is the very foundation on which our faith is based on. Restoring your relationship with others who don’t believe is a very essential step in order to bring them to Jesus. Can you let them see the peace of God? Can you represent Christ in all circumstances in life?
peace Jesus evangelism forgiveness lifestyle faith relationship family
How to have peace with other believers
Jerry Terry
If we have peace with God and ourselves, we can also have peace with other people. The ultimate goal of the enemy is to bring discord and separation between God, others in our environment and us. It is very important to have God's peace reigning in us in order to have that control and power on yourself. That peace makes us a wonderful person in the eyes of God.
peace control lifestyle Jesus belief Holy Spirit peacekeeper family others love
Experiencing God’s dream
Jerry Terry
Jesus is in every step, around every corner and over every horizon, even in ways that we still have to discover. Experiencing God's dream is fulfilling His plan for your life. We often have our own dreams and plans that we want to follow in our lives, but God's plan is always the better option packed with power and glory.
dream plan life God Jesus purpose will self fate faith
Who is your God?
R.W. Schambach
When you know who God really is, you will be fully prepared to go trough all the fires and difficulties in your life. God's power is far beyond the power of the enemy. He is a very present help in the times of trouble. Throughout the Bible we can see many incidents where God shows himself as the expert on delivering His children from trouble.
Trouble Jesus help Daniel stand provide deliver Peter faith