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The Lord shall guide you continuously
John T.L. Maasbach
God will move you forward, lift you up and bring you through every barrier. He is your shield against every force of the enemy. God promises us through His Word that He will guide us continuously. The changes that come into our lives and confront us do not matter. God is there to guide you continuously. If we follow Him, we will have success a victory. We will overcome every obstacle!
promises guidance God’s presence discernment voice of God follow discernment victory wisdom love power protection
Jesus did not answer her a word
John T.L. Maasbach
What do you do when you pray and don’t get an answer? You worship! When God is waiting in answering your question, it’s not to hurt you. It’s because He knows when it’s better for us to wait instead of receiving the blessing immediately. God intends to answer your prayers, and because of your attitude you will either receive your miracle or miss out on it. Be encouraged by this message during your waiting. Great will be your reward.
prayer answer waiting problems need trials healing sickness doubt miracle worship patience
God uses human agency to do His work
John T.L. Maasbach
This story shows us a supernatural draw of fish, a miraculous catch. You can’t explain it and it’s not by your own strength or works. So many times we expect God to perform a miracle out of nothing. And although He is able to do so, He has chosen to work through human agency. Peter used the same net and boat to catch fish all night, but he did not catch anything. It is Christ Who brings the net-breaking, boat-sinking miraculous catch of fish.
miracle fish disciples boat obedience peter plan future
Fathers Day - A message for us all
John T.L. Maasbach
The bible says in the book of Proverbs 11:25: ‘whoever refreshes others will be refreshed’. You will start seeing your strength renewed and your talents multiplied when you start using them to bless others. Just like the widow of Zarepath who gave her last bit of flour and oil, the Lord will multiply what you give.
fathersday father parents love family children kids zarepath giving
The new David generation [2/2]
Abednego Mwarandu
The new David generation walks in the same anointing as David when he went to face Goliath. The anointing of God gives you supernatural ability to do what you could not accomplish through human power. You will be prosperous when you walk in this anointing. The anointing is God's investment in your life. He expects you to put that anointing to work and to be a blessing in the Kingdom of God.
David anointing kingdom availability selfishness obedience purpose church
The new David generation [1/2]
Abednego Mwarandu
The David generation is a generation that makes itself available to follow the agenda of God's Kingdom. Saul was disobedient and so God gave the order to David. There is a David and there is a Saul. If God is sure about your attitude and your heart condition towards His kingdom, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.
David kingdom plan mission need obedience listen heart voice selfishness
The new Daniel generation
Cristy Tenges
The new Daniel generation has important characteristics that we need today, as children of God. One of those characteristics is: having a strong conviction of our identity in Christ. It is then that you will discover your value and your purpose in life. How can we have a strong conviction in the world we live in today, just like Daniel?
Daniel conviction identity knowledge truth new generation
Are you a pillar or post?
R.W. Schambach
The only Jesus that this world is going to see is what you have expressed in your own life. Let Him shine forth and let the world know you are real and you’re not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God to salvation.
fake christians pillar post pretention hypocrisy prejudice salvation pride fear
A generation prepared for the Lord
David Juma
There’s a new generation rising up prepared for God. God is raising a people that will be obedient, equipped and prepared for the Lord. They will rise in the same spirit and power of Elijah. You need to be one of them! Listen to this encouraging message that tells you how.
John generation newgen moab church balak
Ignite your suffering
Jerry Terry
You can ignite your suffering by acknowledging the truth and injustice in life. How can we cope with suffering and how does God want us to grow in order to become stronger children of Lord?
Paul Silas injustice truth suffering ignite power grow