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The river of waters that bring life
Leonardo da França
The Holy Spirit showed Ezekiel a valley with dry bones and the Holy Spirit told him to prophesy that the bones would come to life. And so Ezekiel spoke. Whenever you’re in a hopeless situation, remember that God called you to conquer. God can restore any circumstance in your life.
river fountain water life grace relationship possible conqueror Ezekiel dry bones
The language of faith
John Iseghohi
Every kingdom has a language. Faith is the language of God’s Kingdom. When you change your language, your life will change. The problem of many people is their tongue. When life does not go how you think it should go, just speak words of faith. For there were is faith there is God.
Language kingdom word elisha miracle impossible proclaim change your life
The authority of the believer
Grant-Ross McGregor
Authority is the right to give commands, to make decisions and to enforce obedience. Jesus said He has all authority and He has given us authority. God has given you the power to change your world.
authority power strength esther obedience decisions holy spirit joshua
Breaking the power of accusation
David Juma
Accusations are powerful and operating in the power of the tongue. Words are powerful. Accusations are hindering to move you forward, but God brings you His Word to break that power.
war deception accusation liberation intercession forgiveness restoration words moving forward power
When God enlarges your spirit
Donna Schambach
We can read in the Bible that God calls Gideon a mighty man of valour. But when God asked him to do something to defeat the enemy, Gideon felt afraid and began to doubt God’s miracles. When enlargement is coming into our lives, it comes into the place where we don’t feel strong. It comes when we feel weak and defeated. But God wants us to believe what He says about us in His Word.
valor Gideon fear weak defeat promises doubt trust courage
God's big picture [4/4]
LaDonna Osborn
Love was the decisive part that caused the fulfilment of our redemption of sin. Jesus gave Himself in order to save us. God's big plan was to save us from sin and we need to realise this more than ever before. We now have an elevated position as His children, restored from eternal death, brought into HIs light. So, start living in God's big picture that He has for you today!
God redemption grace faith paid Jesus grace picture cross restoration
God's big picture [3/4]
LaDonna Osborn
The good news of the gospel is that Jesus has redeemed us through the power and sacrifice of the cross. He came to conquer the enemy and that has set us free today. God had already prepared the plan to redeem us before the world was ever created. He always wanted us to be free in every possible way. God stepped in when sin hit in our lives by sacrificing himself as the Lamb to save us.
Jesus sacrifice cross price paid picture God grace faith
God's big picture [2/4]
LaDonna Osborn
The gospel of redemption consists of different elements that elaborates on the deeper meaning of the gospel. The focus on the first part was the meaning of the gospel through the creation. This part elaborates on the completion of God's image and likeness in the earth. He created free will, which would be very significant for the understanding of the gospel of redemption.
Jesus gospel redemption God creation Adam Eve trust temptation
God's big picture [1/4]
LaDonna Osborn
What is the true meaning of the Gospel? It's not only the story of good news, but also our redemption, our right of living in the presence of God and so much more. As christians, we need to have the urgent longing for understanding the full meaning of the gospel in order to fulfil God's plan in our lives.
Jesus God creation gospel redemption relationship plan Spirit love provision
The threefold anointing
Donna Schambach
When Jesus left this earth, He imparted His anointing to everyone of His disciples. What is this anointing that we walk in? We are called to be God’s representatives, but we can’t do that in our flesh. Sometimes we may compare ourselves to others, but it’s not in one’s anointing, it’s in what God imparted to US that’s what we walk in so that you can proclaim the gospel to everyone that’s around you.
anointing priest servant calling messiah messianic anointing Holy Spirit gospel proclamation jubilee