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A God moment: Christmas eve [5/5]
Jerry Terry
To give us eternal life, Jesus, the Son of God, had to die on the cross of Calvary. The birth, the death and the resurrection of Jesus the Messiah is the gospel message for your life. And the answer to the troubled world around us is Jesus.
plan Joseph Mary seed growth salvation Christmas terry gospel
Mary's heart [1/4]
John T.L. Maasbach
God had well prepared that day that He sent His Son into the world. This message shows us Mary's response: she didn't reason with her mind, but she believed with her heart. What happens to us when we respond to His presence and promises in faith? Just like Mary, we can be a vessel, a carrier of the glory of the Lord.
mary heart christmas promises
The shepherd's expectation [2/4]
John T.L. Maasbach
Can you imagine being one of those shepherds in the field? Do you embrace God's Word in your heart and find it to be as He told it to be? The shepherds beheld the Shekinah glory of the Lord and after they saw Him, they couldn't keep their mouth about it. We can also behold the Savior today, with all His glorious aspects!
shepherd christmas expectation promises
Simeon's testimony [3/4]
John T.L. Maasbach
Let's reflect on the story of a brother of ours: Simeon. The Bible gives us a revelation about him that is very useful for our own life.
simeon testimony christmas
Anna's example [4/4]
John T.L. Maasbach
There are only a few verses about Anna, but they reveal so much. They confirm that the fulfillment of the promise has come. Those that are looking and waiting for the salvation of the Lord, they are the ones that will also see it and receive Him. Today you can be the one to receive the blessings and promises of the Lord, just like Anna.
christmas anna promises salvation expectation blessing
The greatest story ever told
Jimmy Swaggart
The Lord showers us with good things. Jesus Christ is the Source of all blessings you receive from God and the cross of Christ alone is the means and the only means by which all of these blessings are given unto us. Living for Jesus is the greatest blessing that any person can ever engage in. If you invest in Jesus Christ and the work of God and it will bring forth dividend forever.
blessing source provision easter cross resurrection
The lame man through the roof
John T.L. Maasbach
Maybe there is some area in your life that has lost its power, just like the lame man through the roof who lost all power in his legs. There was no way for the lame man to get to Jesus, but he had friends that lowered him down through the roof. The miracle of salvation preceded the miracle of healing from disease. Stay tuned for a powerful prayer at the end of this message.
lame man healing salvation friends
The man with the shriveled hand
John T.L. Maasbach
Jesus met a man on the Sabbath that lived with a deformity in his body. This shriveled hand affected his whole life. Are you dealing with some kind of deformity in your life? Hear this sweet invitation: stretch out your problem to Jesus, like the man stretched out his shriveled hand. And stay tuned for powerful prayer at the end.
shriveled hand healing sickness problem trial giving up
When life meets death
John T.L. Maasbach
In Luke 7 we read that Jesus was followed by a large crowd of people who experienced miracles. A crowd full of life! But they met with a crowd that was full of death. There are two crowds in the world today and these crowds need to meet each other.
miracle trial blessing death life
Secret of the supernatural
R.W. Schambach
What is the secret to have whatever you want from God? Is there a secret to the miraculous? If fear, unbelief or doubt gripped your heart it can be wiped away from your life if you stand on His Word, be obedient to His voice and lay claim to every one of His promises.
secret miracles supernatural obedience unbelief fear doubt sanctification promise