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Le tre chiavi
Antonio Fante
Il mondo intero vive in una insicurezza profonda, dovunque ti giri vedi insicurezza, paura, terrore... Tutto questo ha creato nell'umanità insicurezza. Anche nel mondo cristiano si è sparso questa insicurezza, nessuno riesce a dare una speranza, una sicurezza nel mondo. Ma la Bibbia dice: “Dio infatti ci ha dato uno spirito non die timidezza, ma di potenza, d’amore e di autocontrollo.”!
chiavi amore potenza autocontrollo sincera eunice timidezza
The weapons of our warfare
R.W. Schambach
If the devil couldn’t stop you from getting saved, he’s going to try to stop you from getting the fulness of God to be in a place where God can use you. God wants all of you for the pulling down of strongholds in your life. When we know how to be led by the Spirit of God, He will lead us to triumph!
weapons warfare battle carnal strongholds victory obedience surrender
Victory follows patience
R.W. Schambach
God told Israel to walk around the walls of Jericho for seven times. God wants us to have patience on our part before we get the victory. God knew His people needed this. We have to learn to shout and give thanks to the Lord so victory will follow.
Victory patience miracles healing Naaman Jericho waiting
The story of Christmas
David Maasbach
Christ’s birth was unlike any other. The precious details – the journey to Bethlehem, a manger, a newfound star, and ministering angels – make this the birth story for the ages. This is the story of Christmas, narrated by David Maasbach from the gospel of Luke.
christmas audio bible
A God moment
Jerry Terry
When God started His miracle by making the virgin Mary pregnant of Jesus, Joseph faced the biggest challenge of his life. God revealed His plans to Joseph and Mary, these were their God moments. Both of them accepted it with their whole heart and fully started living in it.
God plan Joseph Mary seed sequoia growth revelation moment christmas
Good news in action [6/13]
T.L. Osborn
In this world we can hear a lot of 'good' news, but there is no other good news than the news of the Lord, that He has saved us! That news is the only good news that has action and life within itself. It is the news that overrules all other news in your life!
News salvation pride action proclamation gospel peace sacrifice grace mercy
How God comes to you [5/13]
T.L. Osborn
How can we get better in life? In order to fully understand that amazing gift that He has given to us, we should look into its simplicity. He simply gave His life in order to pay for ours. We should fully grasp that life in that honour and mercy.
Gospel sacrifice simplicity mercy grace encounter step evangelization religion
Peace, price, purpose [4/13]
T.L. Osborn
Christianity is all entered around the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. It’s through this plan of God that we can have peace in our lives with Him. It’s the price that He paid for us and the way through which He works to give us purpose in life.
Peace price purpose cross sacrifice plan life miracle resurrection
From now on...
LaDonna Osborn
From the moment that Jesus ascended into heaven, His Spirit descended on to His followers. And from now on they will carry His Spirit and His life to the ends of the earth. After Pentecost everything that God does on earth, He does through ordinary people like you and me. From now on we are partners with God.
ministry power calling Holy Spirit generation Pentecost
Jesus, the Builder of the church
Bong Ferranco
Jesus has all autorithy and He is the builder of the chruch. As believer you are a part of God’s army. Go and make disciples of all nations.
Jesus builder faith disciples