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Are you a pillar or post?
R.W. Schambach
The only Jesus that this world is going to see is what you have expressed in your own life. Let Him shine forth and let the world know you are real and you’re not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God to salvation.
fake christians pillar post pretention hypocrisy prejudice salvation pride fear
A generation prepared for the Lord
David Juma
There’s a new generation rising up prepared for God. God is raising a people that will be obedient, equipped and prepared for the Lord. They will rise in the same spirit and power of Elijah. You need to be one of them! Listen to this encouraging message that tells you how.
John generation newgen moab church balak
Ignite your suffering
Jerry Terry
You can ignite your suffering by acknowledging the truth and injustice in life. How can we cope with suffering and how does God want us to grow in order to become stronger children of Lord?
Paul Silas injustice truth suffering ignite power grow
Ignite your desperation
Jerry Terry
Desperation comes forth from worries and manifests itself in sorrows. We need to be aware that God is still the God of comfort and rest in desperate times and that we will stay united with Him during the hard times of our lives.
desperation ignite Jesus worries vision God trust struggles peace
The revelation of provision
Gene Profeta
Pentecost is one of the most important events that marked our history, especially as children of God. From that moment we have received the revelation of the Holy Spirit and the calling of evangelism upon our lives. This event is also paired with the revelation of God’s provision for every circumstance in our lives.
Prophecy favor revelation vision answer Nathanael Lazarus outcome provision
The gift of generosity
Gene Profeta
The Lord gives talents and gifts in order to bless us and our calling. One of these gifts is generosity. We need to understand het grace that lies within that gift and start giving more to God, to other around us and to the church.
Generosity noble gift salvation Jebes money character fish giving
The fruit of God's plan
Gene Profeta
God is a miracle worker who only brings good things. His plan is perfect and all that He does will bring fruit into the lives of children. It will bring revival in His church. Be faithful in His word and start testifying all the blessings that He has for your life.
Miracle blessing faithful promise fruit works church revival breakthrough
No strings attached
Gene Profeta
It is in our human nature to always expect something in return for everything that we do. However, God doesn’t work like that. The Lord gives us blessings, salvation and eternal live without any strings attached, just because He loves us.
Jesus mercy gift unconditional blessing anointing Samson love Salomon Jedidiah
Meet the conditions
Gene Profeta
You can’t just claim the promises of God without meeting the conditions. Therefore you need to be in tune with the Holy Spirit, in order to experience the Word of God in a way that makes you ready for receiving your blessings.
John baptism promise conditions claim spirit dove voice blessing
He brought us out and bought us out
V. Dilkumar
God is willing to forgive every sin. The blood of Jesus that was shed for you and me; the blood that prepared our hearts and our lives to be in heaven with Him forever, the blood that forgave us all and set us free. The same blood of Jesus that was shed for you and me, will be ever more in these days manifested with reality in our lives, for every one of us, who believed that He died for us.
blood redemption forgiveness sin easter good Friday