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Lovel Bent
The Bible teaches us that without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. It brings peace and deliverance to you if you turn your heart to Jesus Christ.
Faith peace hope deliverance salvation gospel healing
Your place in the body of Christ
Donnie Swaggart
There’s God’s general will and His specific will for a believer to serve in His Kingdom. God called us to be faithful. If you are faithful, He will take care of the rest. God will eventually reveal His will for you.
body of christ body church kingdom ministry serving calling faithful obedience
It's time for you to realize who you are
Grant-Ross McGregor
When things may be shaky, or you may become discouraged, our ending has already been written because the Bible says that we are more than overcomers through Christ who lives inside of you!
identity victory overcomer discouraged
Align yourself with God’s dream
Johan McGregor
We have to align ourselves with Gods dream for our lives, so that supernatural things will happen. The moment you come in agreement with God, divine activation will set into motion and there’s nothing the devil can do to stop it because the Greater One is on your side!
activate trust future hope success dream difficulties word victory
We are the Isaacs of our generation
Liaquat Qaiser
Isaac started to dig the wells which his father had dug in his generation. The enemies had filled them with earth. Water was inside but dirt blocked it. Water is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, the symbol of life. Without water there is no life. We have to dig out the dirt of our own well so that the water can flow. Jesus said: “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters.”
Isaac born again resurrection joy promises obedience choices water well decisions seed
God does not change
Donnie Swaggart
The law came through Moses but grace and truth through Jesus Christ. Works can not save, heal, deliver or baptize us in the Holy Spirit. But everything we have as a child of God is a free gift from Christ Jesus. In the midst of an ever changing world, God does not change, it also means that the Word of God does not change!
law grace covenant mercy word salvation gospel gift hope blessing
The wind of change
Lovel Bent
Out of spoken word the breath of God created things, and things that were not, were coming to being. The breath of God brings life! There’s a call for the breath of God to blow into the church. If the church is going to survive and be who she is to be, there must be a change. And the change must come through the wind of the Holy Spirit.
change Holy Spirit word breath of God wind fragrance
The story of Pentecost
David Maasbach
Listen to the story of Pentecost about the gift of the Holy Spirit. Narrated by David Maasbach from the book of Acts.
Holy Spirit audio bible pentecost
The story of Ascension day
David Maasbach
Listen to the story of Ascension day. The time when Jesus ascended to heaven for the final time following His crucifixion and resurrection. Narrated by David Maasbach from the book of Acts.
ascension audio bible
Step up your faith
Gene Profeta
Many people need to step up their faith in order to be able to digest the strong meat of faith. Many people are clinging on religion and traditions that limit themselves to a weakened form of faith. However, God wants you to step up towards a new and higher level of trust in Him.
Milk meat religion Elijah increase Spirit Israel blessings Abraham Isaac