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The bread, the flesh and the wine
Donnie Swaggart
The people of Israel brought back the ark and they set it in the middle of the tent that David had pitched for it. And they brought burnt sacrifices and peace offerings before God. Then David blessed the people in the name of the Lord and he dealt to everyone of Israel both men and women, a loaf of bread, a good piece of flesh and a flagon of wine. What does this tell us today?
bread flesh wine David religion presence ark of the covenant sacrifice blood
Life in the Spirit
Johan McGregor
What was the driving force behind the first church that caused them to suddenly love their neighbour, to have patience with one another, and not be judgmental? It was the Holy Spirit that moved in their hearts. The Bible says that we will regain strength to face tomorrow and to face temptations, when you pray in the Holy Ghost.
anointing Holy Spirit covenant power Pentecost repentance temptations strength
A flash of Gods glory
Lovel Bent
Jesus stepped into the boat of Peter on the lake of Tiberius when He called him. Then Peter’s life and future changed. Jesus knows how to get to you and if He steps into your life, your life will never be the same.
fishermen disciples peter boat restoration hope obedience calling ministry future
How to stay free from bondage
Clay Baggett
Jesus has given us victory over every sin, every weakness and every struggle is covered by the blood of Jesus. Even if we face difficult situations, the light of God inside of us shines beyond our issues. If you get into the presence of God it will empower you to walk in victory the rest of the week.
sin breakthrough victory bondage knowledge glory freedom vision dream
You are more than enough
Clay Baggett
Everybody may have seasons of struggles, or maybe you don’t feel good enough. But we have to put aside the struggle and trust God so He can use you to touch the world for Jesus.
struggle problems loneliness depression burden give up success decision choices
The walk of faith
Johan McGregor
When we align ourselves with what God has for us, it’s a wonderful journey of faith. Dream Gods dream for your life and you will watch success happen for you.
walk journey dream success happiness
The fact remains
Liaquat Qaiser
God loves you, cares for you, and carries your burden. We need to carry the gospel to the ones who are lonely, depressed and lost and tell them: “God loves you”.
gospel loneliness depression love salvation
Lovel Bent
The Bible teaches us that without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. It brings peace and deliverance to you if you turn your heart to Jesus Christ.
Faith peace hope deliverance salvation gospel healing
Your place in the body of Christ
Donnie Swaggart
There’s God’s general will and His specific will for a believer to serve in His Kingdom. God called us to be faithful. If you are faithful, He will take care of the rest. God will eventually reveal His will for you.
body of christ body church kingdom ministry serving calling faithful obedience
It's time for you to realize who you are
Grant-Ross McGregor
When things may be shaky, or you may become discouraged, our ending has already been written because the Bible says that we are more than overcomers through Christ who lives inside of you!
identity victory overcomer discouraged