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If stones could speak
John T.L. Maasbach
We must testify and speak about the wondrous works of God and His mighty deeds, what He did for us. How He gave you victories, small victories and big victories and testify of His goodness. Don’t let the rocks cry in your place.
rocks testify victory testimony witness
Three mistakes
R.W. Schambach
When God gives a promise, we’ve got to put it to work. Hold on to His promise and you will destroy the works of the devil. Whatever storm you are going through today, you can have peace in the midst of that storm. But don’t forget these three things...
peace storm promise trusting God trouble problems fear
The manifestation of the Holy Spirit
John T.L. Maasbach
We can see the manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit around us, but also inside of us. We cannot accomplish anything in our own strength, and we don’t have to! The Holy Spirit is there with you and manifests Himself in you to be a different man, a different woman and to live a different life. His power is a promise from God. Are you open to receive His transforming power today?
Holy Spirit manifestation strength transformation testify witness power tongues evidence
The new altar and the old altar
Jimmy Swaggart
We must not tell the world what they want to hear, but what they need to hear. There is salvation through the cross of Christ where Jesus paid for our sins with His blood. We must let other people see Jesus Christ and Him crucified in our hearts and life.
altar salvation sacrifice ahaz sin forgiveness
The power of the Holy Spirit
John T.L. Maasbach
There are outward and inward things where we can see the power of the Holy Spirit at work. We can see that power by the effect it has on our lives. And we can see the power of the Holy Spirit when we look to other people and see what He has done in them. John T.L. shares four outward manifest signs that the Holy Spirit is strong, mighty and working.
Holy Spirit transformation born-again power witness testify works signs
Power belongs to God
John T.L. Maasbach
All power belongs to God and He has the power to do what we can’t. John T.L. shares an amazing testimony about his wife who could not sing anymore, but God did a miracle. We should not limit God by telling Him how He should do a miracle. He knows exactly what kind of miracle you need, believe for the impossible, believe for miracles today! John TL will also pray for miracles in your life.
power Holy Spirit testimony healing miracle restoration hope
Put on the Lord Jesus Christ
John T.L. Maasbach
The moment you accepted Jesus as your Savior, something wonderful happened, something changed in your life. We are a now a new creation, but sometimes that old life is still there and that wants to rule now and then. It’s time to put off all the things that belong to the old life and find out what it means to be a child of God. It’s time to wake up, rise up and put on the armor of light.
old life new creation obedience armor lifestyle
The joys of the Gospel
John T.L. Maasbach
What joys does the gospel bring? Do you know the good life? The Bible has so much to be happy about. Jesus is alive in you and when He is alive in you there’s a fountain of joy! Do you know the joys of the gospel?
gospel joy blessing wine blood of Jesus salvation peace hope
The blessings of the Gospel
John T.L. Maasbach
Have you received Jesus Christ? When you’re a child of God, you’re also an heir to all the blessings, all the good things and every promise in the Bible that is ‘yes and amen’ in Christ Jesus.
gospel blessings salvation joy inheritance love
Fasting that pleases God [3/3]
V. Dilkumar
Listen to the last part where rev. Dilkumar tells us about the importance of fasting. We are called to fast. What is the fasting that keeps us in constant and continuous fellowship with God? Fasting always keeps us in a constant, continuous fellowship and appointment with God. We as children of God should have a natural habit of fasting. It’s not something that you do to manipulate God to get something for your life. What is the fasting that God expects from us?
fasting prayer obedience obedience dedication breakthrough humility