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Samson: Where the church should NOT be [2/6]
John T.L. Maasbach
It is the plan of the enemy to put out the eyes of the church, like the Philistines gouged Samson's eyes. What it leaves is a church that is blinded, because of many different things. A church that is walking on a path that will lead nowhere and will not impact the world for the good but we can have a divine meeting with Christ today and it can change us and put us back on track!
samson church blindness liberty bondage
Samson: Type of the church [1/6]
John T.L. Maasbach
Evangelist John T.L Maasbach starts this powerful series about the hero Samson in the old Testament as a type of the church in the New Testament. Many Christians today are blinded. They are in a position where they are again as slaves. This message is to bring you hope. Today can be the day that God will deliver you out of that place. God wants to activate His power in you today!
samson church slavery bondage deliverance power hope blindness
Nehemiah: Fight for what is valuable [4/4]
John T.L. Maasbach
Fear is a mighty weapon of the enemy, but don't let fear hold you captive! Fear must be subdued by the promises of God. Nehemiah encouraged the people to get up and fight. Your family, ministry or relationship with God is so much more valuable than the things of this world. God is on your side and it will be through His mighty hand that the wall will be rebuilt.
Nehemiah fear captivity bondage liberation deliverance anxiety
Nehemiah: Resisting the strategies of the enemy [3/4]
John T.L. Maasbach
The enemy's strategy is to ridicule, intimidate, discourage and put great fear on you. Stay focused in rebuilding the wall just like Nehemiah and don't give your time and attention to the enemy.
Nehemiah walls build hope hopeless attacks opposition discouragement fear restoration
Nehemiah: Rise up from the rubble! [2/4]
John T.L. Maasbach
If you have been cast down, you are the one that God has His eye upon to restore you and use you! God is looking for Nehemiah's today to clear out the rubble and rebuild the walls.
walls nehemiah build restoration healing broken hope hopeless
Nehemiah: his broken heart for the city and the people of God [1/4]
John T.L. Maasbach
A message especially for those in ministry: Do you think you're not going to make it? Don't surrender to that thought, but receive the Word of the Lord. Pick up those stones again and start building again! It will take time, but the Lord will help us to complete the work and the wall will be finished just like in the story of Nehemiah.
nehemiah ministry mind walls city heart trust hope giving up perseverance
The king
Donnie Swaggart
God told David to take the city of the Jebusites, which was a stronghold. David took that city, as no other king could, and the stronghold was broken. Jesus paid the price for every stronghold in your life, so you can be free.
king saul david jebusites strongholds deliverance liberation bondage
Biblical basics
Jimmy Swaggart
The only way to Jesus Christ to get us to the Father, is by and through the cross. And the only way to the cross is a deny of self. When things go wrong and we don’t know what to do, we’ve to go back to basics.
cross self denial salvation repentance sin gospel forgiveness
The voice of the Son [3/3]
John T.L. Maasbach
The Bible says that the punishment of sin will be death and there is nothing we can do to get out of that, if it is not for Jesus. We could not come near to God so God came near to us in the Son, veiled in the flesh. Jesus still comes near to His creation today and He wants to come near to you dear friend!
voice son obedience sin forgiveness repentance
How do I receive the blessings of God?
LaDonna Osborn
God is a God of blessings. Look to Him as your source of blessings. For you to receive His blessings, know that God wants you to have them! What must I do to receive the blessings of God?
blessings promises provision source