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I stand at the door and knock
John T.L. Maasbach
Jesus said to the church of Laodicea that He stands at the door and knocks. This Word was not written for the non-believers, but for the believers. God wants to come in to the church once again. What are the remedies that God gives to bring a change in to His church? This letter has the key for a change in the midst of believers.
door church christians peace joy lukewarm laodicea revelation heart change
I am doing a new thing
Jeremias Souza
The Lord is doing new things! He daily reminds us about the things that He has done for us and that He’s still the same today. It is up to us to not hold ourselves in the situations of the past, but accept the gifts that He has given to us in the present.
Promise new things past forgiveness renewal miracles time actions
John Iseghohi
The book of Isaiah says: “Arise, shine! For your light has come.” This means it is settled. Faith is action. As you hear the Word and you act on it, you will see the glory of God. So arise and shine!
arise light action promises victory manifestation
Look to Jesus the Healer
LaDonna Osborn
Through the power of the Holy Spirit we, as children of God, are sent everywhere to preach the Gospel and heal the sick. Who, where, how, why and when are we to look for healing? On what do we base our faith for healing? All these questions will be answered in this encouraging message.
healing sickness bondage salvation gospel snake moses diseases miracle problems
Paradox of victory
LaDonna Osborn
The Bible gives us some contradictions to teach us important lessons. But in it, is our secret to our victory through Jesus Christ. It is if we are going to enter in to all that God has for us, we must leave behind what is old. This message will show you the overarching principle that embraces both believing in order to enter.
future calling problems trials victory paradox change contradiction bondage salvation identity
Love, value, need [3/13]
T.L. Osborn
Almost every religion tries to say something about God, but the Bible is the only word of God that brings good news. The news that you are loved, valued and needed by God. We are His children and God gave everything for us in order to show that to us.
Love value need special child relationship mercy religion alive
Christ alive now [2/13]
T.L. Osborn
When Jesus came to the world, He revealed to us that the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him. This Holy Spirit was an essential element to receive healing, delivery and purpose in life. This Holy Spirit that was upon Him is still here today and we can receive the same Holy Spirit.
Jesus life spirit miracle healing delivery gift
The miracle life of Christ [1/13]
T.L. Osborn
The life of Jesus on this earth was surely a very special one. It was packed with valuable lessons that we can apply today on our lives. Receive your healing, delivery and forgiveness by looking at the miracle life of Jesus.
life works miracle news healing delivery forgiveness conversion
Rise, answer the call
Jerry Terry
Everybody is called by God. In order to fully live in this calling, certain steps are necessary. In the word of God we can find the fundamentals that we must follow in order to live lives according to the calling that God has personally given to you. That is the place of your blessings that He has for you.
Calling obedience follow plan trust ministry church lifestyle choice time
The meaning and the message
Jerry Terry
When Jesus came to Jerusalem, He knew that He went there to fulfill the plan of his Father. This was the biggest challenge of faith that He had to endure. In our lives we also face challenges, but we can look at the faith and attitude of Jesus to encourage us.
Donkey Jerusalem challenge sacrifice palms hosanna hope follower overcoming endure